GMC Rifle Starts The Season In The Western Conference #1

GMC Rifle Starts The Season In The Western Conference #1

GMC has a long a storied tradition in Rifle with Three NRA ROTC National Championships under their belts, one can say this program has some firepower.

Coach Eaton is excited about this year's team and believes the talent they have can put GMC back in the mix. This year's team consists of all freshman that are shooting small bore for the first time.


GMC is a member of the Western Conference and to limit the need for travel they participate in postal matches. A postal match provides the team with the opportunity to shoot at their home range and mail the results to the conference President who will provide official scoring. The Bulldogs will participate in 9 postal matches to include the University of Fribourg located in Switzerland before the end of the year.


In the Western Conference #1, we shoot two disciplines; air rifle and small bore. During this competition each shooter fired their air rifle at six targets in the standing position and their small bore rifle at two targets in each position; prone, standing and kneeling. In the air rifle competition, Team Captain, Alyssa Kiser from LaFayette HS had a 96, 87,94,87,95,92 for an outstanding score of 551 with 19 ten's. Co-Captain, Cadet Analy Camarillo from Dalton HS also shot well with a 90, 96, 88, 88, 93, 90 for a score of 545 and 12 ten's.  Cadet, Nicole Barich from Lambert HS shot a 78, 90, 93, 90, 89, 89 for a 529 with 11 ten's.  Cadet, Joshua Vaccianna from Henry County HS in Georgia shot a 83, 85, 78, 73, 84, 81 for a score of 484 with 4 ten's.  Their total score in air rifle was 2109 with 46 ten's and this is just the first match of the year.


In small bore, Alyssa Kiser again led the way with a 554 total (189 prone with 4 ten's, 179 standing with 5 ten's and 186 kneeling with 3 ten's). Cadet Analy Camarillo shot a 492 178 prone with 4 ten's, 151 standing, 163 kneeling with 2 ten's. Cadet Joshua Vaccianna 461 166 prone with 2 ten's, 140 standing 155 kneeling with 1 ten. Cadet Nicole Barich shot a 441 161, Prone with 1 ten, 135 standing and 145 kneeling with 1 ten. The teams small bore total was 1948.


The next match is the Western Conference #2 held on November 19 and November 21, 2019 at 4pm. The event will be open to the public and the range is located in the Parnell Ruark Athletic Complex.