NJCAA Suspends All Regular Season Athletic Contest

The National Junior College Athletic Association and the Georgia Collegiate Athletic Conference of which GMC Junior College Athletics is a part of has suspended all regular season athletic contests starting on March 13 and continuing through April 3. This impacts All GMC JC athletic contests, except The NRA Collegiate Rifle Championship which will take place as a postal match for our shooters. Postal matches are shot on individual campuses and scored digitally.  The teams will continue to train until further steps are deemed necessary by the GMC Administration or other governing bodies.

Below is part of the statements released by Christopher J. Parker of NJCAA:
"After reviewing and evaluating all of the feedback and information from our membership and regional leadership, the NJCAA is suspending all competition beginning Saturday, March 14th through Friday, April 3rd. The NJCAA Board of Regents will meet on April 3rd as previously scheduled and an update from the National Office will be provided with a full assessment of the national landscape. Should conditions improve, regions and individual colleges will be allowed to resume regular-season competition in a format and time period following April 3rd that has been approved by the region. During this entire "no competition" period, practice standards are determined by the individual colleges."

Georgia Collegiate Athletic Association Commissioner David Elder stated, "The GCAA reminds everyone to be attentive to everyday preventive actions identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (www.cdc.gov)."

The health and safety of the GMC Family is of utmost importance to us and the GMC administration is monitoring this very closely. If you would like to learn more about the steps GMC is taking to keep our community safe please got to this link https://www.gmc.edu/current-students/coronavirus-info.cms. We will keep you updated as things evolve in this unpredictable situation. Thank you for your understanding and patience.