Georgia Military College Downs both Clemson and The Citadel Women’s Rifle Teams

Georgia Military College Downs both Clemson and The Citadel Women’s Rifle Teams

The Bulldog Rifle Team traveled to Wofford College this past weekend and shot at the Taylor Center Rifle Range and Calvary Gym. 

In Small bore competition Wofford ranked first with a 2187, followed by Citadel Men's Team with a 2076 and Georgia Military College taking third over Clemson with a 1990 to Clemson's 1890.

In Air Rifle Competition Wofford took first with a 2243, Citadel Men's Team a 2223, Georgia Military College a 2157, Clemson University with a 2077 and Citadel Women's Team a 2068.

Liliana Reyes from Milledgeville led the Bulldog team to a winning score, taking fifth overall in air rifle and eleventh in small bore.  She was top shooter for GMC with a 559 in air rifle and 512 in small bore with a combined total score of 1071.

The shooters on air rifle were led by Liliana Reyes with her 559.  Cadet Donald Preston of Duette, Florida shot a 545; Cadet Thayer Thornton of Huntsville, Alabama shot a 536 and Cadet Sarah Conners of LaGrange Ga. shot a 517.  Their team total was 2157.  Other GMC Shooters were Cadet Johnny Nguyen from Snellville, Ga. with a 516; Cadet Destin Owens from Woodbury, Ga. with a 509; Cadet Drae Robinson from Merritt Island, Florida with a 506; Sarah Bean of Gray, Ga. with a 504 and Cadet Alex Marroquin of Carrollton, Ga. with a 469.

In small bore competition Liliana Reyes led the Bulldogs with a score of 512.  Cadet Donald Preston was second with a score of 503.  Cadet Drae Robinson took third with a score of 490 and Sarah Bean had a score of 485. Their team score was 1990.  Other small bore shooters competing in SEARC 7 were Cadet Destin Owens with a 471; Cadet Thayer Thornton with a 467; Cadet Sarah Conners with a 466 and Cadet Johnny Nguyen with a 429.  This is the second year GMC shooters have been shooting small bore and air rifle in the same match.

The Bulldogs next match will be on February 6, 2016 at the University of North Georgia.