GMC Two Rifle Teams Qualify for Nationals

GMC Two Rifle Teams Qualify for Nationals

Liliana Reyes led the Georgia Military College Bulldog Rifle Team to victory February 21, 2016 at the National Rifle Association Sectionals at The Citadel.  Her combined score for air rifle and small bore was 1085.  Cadet Drae Robinson followed with a terrific 1009 in both guns.  Shooting for approximately five and a half months, Cadet Johnny Nguyen shot an outstanding 1018.  Sarah Bean anchored the team with a total score of 1033.  The team top four shooters finished with a 4145 total.

Cadet Donald Preston led Georgia Military College R.O.T. C. Team in three position shooting with a score of 1071.  Cadet Taylor Thornton took second with 1056 in combined scores.  Cadet Sarah Conners shot another personal best with a 1033.  Cadet Destin Owens was the anchor man with a score of 1024.  Cadet Alex Marroquin, who has been shooting approximately two months shot a 953.  The top four shooters scores count for the total score of 4277 with electronic scoring.

All Georgia Military College shooter's qualified to shoot in the National Rifle Association National Championships March 17-20, 2016 held at Ft. Benning, Georgia.   GMC's R.O.T.C. Team has won the gold medal, in this competition, the last three years.

North Carolina State won the NCAA Qualifier at the same sectional with a 4654, followed by University of North Georgia with a 4549, Georgia Southern 4482, Wofford 4474, Citadel co-ed team with a 4394, Citadel Women 4317, Georgia Military College with a 4277 and Clemson with a 4151.  Georgia Military College and Clemson are the only two shooting teams not in NCAA.

The next competition is at the Southeastern Air Rifle Conference Championship/Banquet at the Citadel on March 5, 2016 at the Inouye Marksmanship Center.