8th International Match with Switzerland

GMC Bulldogs:   Switzerland Match Air Rifle (40 shot)


                                               ST1         ST2         ST3         ST4

      David Turner               93-3        91-3       92-4        85-2        Individual  361-12

      Casey Owen                93-1        91-4       87-1        89-1        Individual  360-7

      Felix Seversen             85-0        83-1      94-3       87-1          Individual  349-5

      Brianna Mosteller         80-1        84-1        86-4       79-0        Individual  329-6

                                                                                           Team score:  1399-30


The Georgia Military College Bulldog Rifle Team competed in the 2018 Edition of the International University Air Rifle Match, located in Fribourg, Switzerland.  The postal match had fifty three participating shooters from seven different schools. A postal match is shot in the home range of the shooters, with the scores being sent to the Director, Patrick Herzog, in Switzerland.  The match must be completed within a specific time frame, for the scores to be used in the competition.

David Turner, GMC's up and coming commuter shooter, in his first college match shot four targets in Air Rifle with a 93, 91, 92 85 for a total score of 361.  Cadet Casey Owen, of Wisconsin, in his first year shooting for GMC, shot 93,91,87,89 for a 360.  These shootes placed eighth and ninth in the competition.

Cadet Felix Seversen, of Johns Creek, Georgia shot 85, 83, 94, 87 in his first year as a Bulldog Rifle Shooter, and had a score of 349.  Cadet Brianna Mosteller, in her first year of shooting for the college, shot 80, 84, 86, 79.  She hails from Winter Park, Florida and had a score of 329.

The following colleges were in the competition:  University of San Francisco; Clemson University; College St-Michel, Fribourg, Switzerland; Plattsburgh State University; University of Fribourg, Switzerland; College de Gambach, Fribourg, Switzerland and Georgia Military College.