National Rifle Association Sectional held at North Georgia University

The Georgia Military College Rifle Team Traveled to North Georgia University for the National Rifle Association Sectional this past weekend.  Each team traveles to a different location, to compete in the Sectionals, in order to qualify for The National Rifle Association Championships at the end of March.  The team was on the line with students from Clemson University.  Friedi Fischer, of Clemson was first place in Air Rifle with a score of 569.

David Turner from Blackshear, Georgia participated in the competition and took fourth place in Air Rifle with a 542.  He had scores of 83,91,92,94,91,and 91.  In small bore he was fifth with scores of Kneeling 89, 88 for 177; Prone 89, 91 for 180 and Standing 82, 86 for a total score of 525.  This was David's first try for competition in Intercollegiate Nationals sponsored by the National Rifle Association.  He is a first year student at Georgia Military College and qualified for Nationals which will take place at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

Cadet Casey Owen of Menomonie, Wisconsin placed in the top ten in Air Rifle with scores of 93, 86, 85, 87, 90, 82 for a score of 523.  Cadet Owen is a first time shooter for a college team and is a member of the Coast Guard Academy at GMC.  In small bore, Casey took seventh place in Kneeling 89, 88 for a 177; Prone 90, 91 for a 181; and Standing 74, 76 for a 150.  His total was an outstanding 508- 9 tens in qualifying for the National Rifle Association Nationals. 

Claudia Sisk of Clemson was the winner of small bore with a score of 534.