Western Intercollegiate Conference Championship Purdue University

The Western Intercollegiate Championship Match was held at Purdue University, Indiana over the weekend.  Georgia Military College had two shooters participate this year, David Turner and Cadet Casey Owen.

In the small bore division of the match David Turner from Blackshear, Georgia had scores of Prone 187-4,  Standing 163-1, Kneeling 169-0 for a 519-5 total. This is David's first time shooting this year for GMC.  

Cadet Casey Owen of Menomonie, Wisconsin shot Prone 177-3, Standing 148-1, Kneeling 166-2 for a 491-6.   Christian Holden of Akron, Ohio received first place with a total score of 559-16.


In the air rifle division, Cadet Casey Owen had a personal best score in match competition with a 535-14.  In the standing position he had 91-2, 89-3, 89-1, 94-3, 82-2 , 90-3 for a total of 535-14.

David Turner had scores of 85-0, 88-0, 93-2, 86-1, 88-2, 93-3 for a total score of 533-8.  David shot a personal best in the championship match and this is his first year shooting in a collegiate competition.

Elizabeth Bark of The University of Akron, Ohio took first place with a total score of 577-29. 


The Ranta Trophy ( Season Postal Scores) was awarded to the University of Akron, Ohio.  The Bernarde Trophy (Championship Match) was awarded to University of Akron with a 2285 as was the All Conference Air Rifle Team (Season and Championship).

The Most Improved Air Rifle Team is North Dakota State.

The Swanson Trophy (Season Postal Scores) was awarded to The University of Akron.

The Most Improved Small bore Rifle Team was awarded to Purdue University.

The Wiles Trophy (Championship Match) was awarded to the University of Akron 2202.

The Air Rifle Coach of the Year was awarded to Cameron Zwart of Grand Valley State University.

The Small bore Coach of the Year was awarded to Mitchell Godbout of North Dakota State University.

Hosting the championships were members of the Purdue University Shooting Teams.  The coaches of the Western Intercollegiate Conference decided to hold the championship match next year at Purdue University in late February.  If for any reason the

match cannot be held at Purdue, we will travel to North Dakota State.